My nonfiction has appeared in many publications and in syndication. Here's a smattering.
There's also one short story. It's generally not my form, but... this one works.

My most recent non-fiction can be found at Huffington Post.


New York Times Magazine

The Revolt of the Black Bourgeoisie
Nevermind the ghetto for a while


Los Angeles Times Magazine
On Plastic Pond
Beauty and mortality in your own back yard


Washington Post Outlook


Country to Call My Own
Reclaiming a birthright


New York Times Op-Ed
American Mantra: Blame the Black Man
Their title, not mine


Live at Storyville - fiction
For the love of jazz


Feed Magazine [defunct]
The Kinship of Strangers
On the self-aggrandizing, neo-con myth of a colorblind society

BUZZ Magazine


He's Your Monster, Not Mine
Bad hair and enraged by the status quo