My nonfiction has appeared in many publications and in syndication. Here's a smattering.
There's also one short story. It's generally not my form, but... this one works.

My most recent non-fiction can be found at Huffington Post.


New York Times Magazine

The Revolt of the Black Bourgeoisie
Nevermind the ghetto for a while


Los Angeles Times Magazine
On Plastic Pond
Beauty and mortality in your own back yard


Washington Post Outlook


Country to Call My Own
Nevermind the Crackers, too


Salon Magazine

Salon too cool Image

Is the Web too Cool for Blacks?
Why, in the late '90s, were Black Americans slow to take to the Web?


New York Times Op-Ed
American Mantra: Blame the Black Man
Their title, not mine


Live at Storyville - fiction
For the love of jazz


Feed Magazine [defunct]
The Kinship of Strangers
On the self-aggrandizing, neo-con myth of a colorblind society

BUZZ Magazine


He's Your Monster, Not Mine
Bad hair and enraged by the status quo